Sunday, December 30, 2012

We're Still Here

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, rest assured we are still here!

Carney is still peeing and pooping all over everything.
Chester is still emptying the litter box almost daily.
Niko is still a hunkering bunny who just wants to be pet.

A few months ago, I switched the litter box to a huge one, the cement mixing tub. Yeah, Chester still manages to kick out litter. He just digs and digs in it. I might try a Rubbermaid type storage bin with a hole cut in the side and a vented lid... Of course, he'd probably just get better aim!


  1. Lovely bunnies! So glad you have a great family you three bunners!

    I also had a digger bun! I have found that the less fun I make it, the less she digs. I put folded paper towels at the bottom of the litter tray, then cover that with shredded wood, and put hay on top. Seems this is not so fun to dig in and she pretty much leaves it be. Hope that helps! When I used litter, it made a horrible mess when flung outside the box!


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