Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hello! My name is Jennifer and I wanted to put together a little blog for our new additions. On August 14th, 2012, we adopted a trio of rabbits.
Now the fun begins... I'll have to look at the paperwork again, but they are 3-4 years old. This is Chester. He's a Lop. So far, he's pretty shy, but he was the first to binky across the basement!
This is Carney. She's an American Chinchilla. She is the most active and the first to greet you. She's also the biggest. We kept her name. She is Carney because she was a carnival game prize...
And finally, Niko. He's the smallest of the group and is a Lionhead. His personality so far is pretty mellow. He doesn't like to be picked up, but hunkers down for you to pet him.
How many bunnies fit in a litter box? Three!

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  1. They are so sweet. Bless your hearts for giving them homes!


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